Mechanical Special Effects

What do we do?


We can simulate rain in different ways depending on the type of landscape and location. We have a variety of rain simulation equipment, such as hangers with sprinklers for close-ups, rain towers covering 40m2 each for shots, and autonomous hangers with a tanker, trailer and motorized pumps to assist moving vehicles.

Fog and smoke

We work with different types of smoke for each occasion including interior and large outdoor settings. Moreover, we have a wide range of machines, such as large combustion engine machines, fogger, dry ice, hazers, portable outdoor gas machines, artem, colored smoke bombs, and more. These are all powered by friendly fuels and certified by EU standards.


At DRAMA FX, we can perform the “snow” effect in both indoor and outdoor settings and on any type of surface or landscape (with Snow Business premium snow). We have created the “falling snow” effect with different materials to meet the requirements of each situation. Furthermore, the machines for frothy snow, snow sparklers and “snow candles” are 100% silent.


We offer very different wind intensities using our Ritter fans, electric turbines, air guns or small fans.


We carry out controlled fires using gas, gel fires, and/or combustible liquids, in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Explosions are completely safe indoors or outdoors and are made from fireworks, flammable liquids, or air cannons, as required by each situation. The explosions are accompanied by false rubble, dust, smoke and fire.

Soft Props

We can create fictional and replication props from molds of an original object or design. These are produced in polyurethane latex, resins, silicones, etc.

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